Arrow Architecture has been providing design services in the state of Nebraska since 2011.

With over 20 years of commercial and residential design!

At Arrow Architecture, we can create custom blueprints, or modify existing blueprints for residential or commercial building projects. With over twenty years of experience, we have the experience to create unique, aesthetic design and architectural renderings. Please have a look at our portfolio to see previous projects. We can also provide professional renderings for client meetings.


Rich Burton
Registered Architect

Unlike most architects, Rich started his experience with three years of commercial and residential construction. His hands-on knowledge of building materials and methods has provided the foundation for his continued success. While obtaining his Masters of Architecture in San Diego, he was awarded the American Institute of Architecture Gold Medal by the Henry Adams Fund. During his experience with other firms, Rich took personal responsibility for 100 million dollars worth of construction as a project manager. During this same time and carried through Arrow Architecture today, he strives to complete projects on time and under budget, while working closely with building officials.